16 Players

2 Tournaments

14.-21. September 2019

Modra-Piesok Slovakia

(Event-House Modrý Dom)


21.9. 15:30 – Complete results of both tournaments are updated. WFM Anna Gvanceladze and Maaike Keetman became champions of ARISAN Chess Ladies 2019!

21.9. 14:20 – Anna Gvanceladze, Maaike Keetman and Svetlana Sučíková successfully achieved the WIM norms! Congratulations

18.9. 13:50 – Tournament gallery was updated – Link

16.9. 15:20Online stream is available now! Check the games here – Link

14.9. 16:30 – ARISAN Chess Ladies has began! Unfortunately, online stream is not running yet. FTP connection issue wasn’t solvable during the round. All played games will be available on chess-results.com.

14.9. – 15:55 – 2 games of first round are postponed and will be played 15.9. at 10.00

14.9. 15:50 – Pairing are already published Here and  Here

14.9. 15:02 – Due to late withdrawals of players, there will be paricipating also 2 Slovakian gentlemen.


Saturday 14/9

15-30 Opening ceremony

16-00 Round WGM & WIM

Sunday 15/9

10-00 VIP Blitz tournament

16-00 Round WGM & WIM

Monday 16/9

15-00 Round WGM & WIM

Tuesday 17/9

10-00 Round WGM & WIM

16-00 Round WGM & WIM


Wednesday 18/9

15-00 Round WGM & WIM

Thursday 19/9

10-00 Round WGM

16-00 Round WGM & WIM

Friday 20/9

15-00 Round WGM & WIM

Saturday 21/9

10-00 Round WGM & WIM

Closing ceremony 30 minutes after last game finished.

WGM tournament “A”

  • Double Round-Robin for 6 players
  • Avg. rating 2195F
  • Possibility of achieving WGM and WIM title norm
  • 650€ Prizepool

WFM Denise Trippold

Austria, 2184F

Denise won the Austrian Youth Championships in her category three times and represented Austria at several European and World Youth Championships. Last year she scored 6/6 points at the Mitropa Cup, thus Austria won the Silver Medal for the first time. Also in 2018 she played her first olympiade in Batumi (Georgia) and got 7,5 points out of 10 games. After the olympiade she reached her highest rating of 2212F. In October 2019 she will play for the Austrian National Team at the European Team Championship in Batumi (Georgia).

Presently, Denise is studying Psychology at the University of Vienna and plans to finish her Baccalaureate in 2020. To be in a good physical condition beside chess, she enjoys fitness and playing Badminton. Since 2019 she is the responsible of girls‘ chess in the Austrian Chess Federation.

WGM Aleksandra Dimitrijević

Serbia, 2142F

WIM Natalie Kaňáková

Czech Republic, 2201F

Natálie started playing chess when she was 4 years old. Since then, she has won many medals at Czech championships in various categories. She represented Czech Republic at several World and European championships. Her biggest achievement was 9th place at World Girls U20 Chess Championship in 2017. She got the title of Woman International Master in 2018. Currently, she is studying at Charles University in Prague at the Faculty of Education.

WFM Anna Gvanceladze

Russia, 2247F

Anna achieved the WFM title at the age of 13. Her highest rating was 2311. 

She won medals at the Russian Girls Championships many times. She is the multiple champion and medalist of the Moscow Women Classic and Rapid championships. She won silver at the Russian Women Team Championship in 2016 as a member of the Moscow team. In 2017 she shared 6-12 places at the European Women’s Rapid Chess Championship in Monaco. In 2019 she became a German Team Champion.

Anna graduated with honor from the Faculty of Economics of Russian State Social University in 2015. She is passionate about fitness, swimming and reading.

WGM Zuzana Cibičková

Slovakia, 2244F

Zuzana had the honour to represent Slovakia on many occasions. She participated in the World Chess Olympiad in Calvia, Mallorca (2004) where the Slovak women’s team finished in the memorable 7th place. In the same year, Zuzana won the European Union G16 championship and in 2006 she became the European women’s champion in rapid chess. Other achievements include 4th place at the European youth championship in category G12, 5th place in category G16 or 7th place at the World Universities Chess Championship. Zuzana achieved the WGM title in 2011, the same year as finishing her Master’s degree in law.

Besides chess, Zuzana tried competing in other areas as well, e.g. she won the „Tax Challenge 2010“ competition organized for students by Ernst & Young company or took part in a poker TV show „Shark Cage” where she battled for $1000 000 against celebrities such as Jeremy Roenick, Jonathan Duhamel or Igor Kurganov.

Zuzana is registered as a mediator by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. She has two daughters.

IM Marián Kantorík

Slovakia, 2150F

Marián is experienced IM player and recent winner of Slovakian highest team championship. He offered help to maintain condition for achieving title norms by participation in Chess Ladies “A” tournament after withdrawal of a WGM player.

WIM tournament “B”

  • Round-Robin for 10 players
  • Avg. rating 2108F
  • Possibility of achieving WIM title norm
  • 350€ Prizepool

WFM Anna Vrtiaková

Slovakia, 1998F

Anna has become the Slovak youth champion in her category for the 15th time last year and obtained 21 medals in total. She represented Slovakia on a number of World and European championships and youth Olympiads. She achieved the WFM title in 2015 with the highest rating of 2125F. Her highest ranking was the 25th place in the WYCC which took place in Uruguay in 2017.

Currently, Anna is studying at International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) program in Bratislava. She has involved herself in many extracurricular activities. Anna is a participant of the gold DofE mentoring program and also regularly involved in sport; she mostly enjoys fitness and sprint triathlon. She is also passionate about travelling, having the opportunity to visit many countries, including Iceland, Indonesia and Japan.

WIM Lena Miladinović

Serbia, 2119F

Serbian Woman International Master, Certified FIDE chess instructor and National arbiter Lena Miladinovic is a three-time National Champion of Serbia for her category, who represented her country in multiple World and European chess competitions in almost every continent around the world. Also she was multiple Senior champion of her town, Belgrade. Currently she is a part of University chess team of Serbia.

She finished Faculty of Political Science and now she is completing her Master Degree in Political Analytics and Social Changes, while actively competing in chess and teaching children both nationally and internationally.  

She loves healthy and fit habits, also she enjoys reading, learning and upgrading herself in every part of life especially when it comes to science, chess and health.

WIM Ekaterina Smirnova

Russia, 2228F

Ekaterina had numerous successes in youth chess. Twice she took the second place and once the third at the Russian girls Championships, she represented Russia at the European and World Championships. She took fourth place in the girls European Championship in Georgia.

In adult chess, Ekaterina shared the second place at the international women’s tournament «Moscow Open», participated in the final of the Russian Women’s Cup. Ekaterina participated in the women’s and men’s European championships, in 2018 she participated in the women’s World rapid and blitz Championships. Ekaterina is women international master, now her rating is 2228.

Ekaterina graduated from the biology faculty of Moscow State University. While studying she became the three-time champion of Moscow among students in the team of her university, took second team place in the National Student League Cup and took third individual place among girls at the Russian Universiade.

WFM Nikola Mayrhuber

Austria, 1991F

Nikola played several International Youth Chess Championships and also won the U18 Austrian Championship once. In 2017 she reached her highest rating of 2134F, achieved the WFM title and had the chance to represent Austria at the Mitropa Cup. Last year Nikola could manage to beat her first grandmaster.

She really enjoys participating in tournaments all over the world, for example in Iceland or Denmark. Besides playing chess she also likes teaching chess to children.

At the moment, Nikola is studying Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna. She likes fitness as well as different kinds of sport. Additionally, she is very passionate about travelling and she has been backpacking for nearly 4 months to Thailand, Laos and Australia after graduation.

WIM Sandra Đukić

Serbia, 2179F

Sandra was born on the third of June in 1988. in Niš. When she was five years old she learned to play chess by the influence of her father Željko. Sandra graduated from the Faculty of Economics, course: Revision and Accounting. She finished her master in Faculty of Mechanical Engeeniring Niš, course: International Project Managment.

Sandra’s first major succes was in 1998. by winning on the State Championship for cadets under 10 years and win the next 7 Championships in her competition where she broke all records in cadet chess ( under 18 years). As a cadet champion she participated in the European and world Championships. Sandra achieved the greatest succes by winning European Championship in rapid chess played in Novi Sad in the year of 2002, in 25 minutes.

At the age of 17, on the Youth Championship in Serbia under 20 years played in Vrnjacka Banja, Sandra won the first place.

On the Senior Championship in Serbia played in the year of 2009, Sandra won in front a number of grandmasters, Manakove, Stojanović, Benderać, Chelushkine, Maksimović etc.

WFM Svetlana Sučíková

Slovakia, 2127F

Svetlana has represented Slovakia at many European and World Youth Championships. Her best placement was 8th at the European Championship girls U8. she also played in Chess Olympiad 2016 in Baku on the women’s national team.

She moved to the UK when she was 13 and curently is studying Mathematics and Economics at the University of Glasgow. Besides playing chess, she enjoys sports such as tennis, snowboard and going to gym.

WFM Zuzana Kováčová

Bermuda, 2079F

Zuzana is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at Comenius University, Bratislava and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She has been an active chess player from an early age, winning the Slovak national championship (Girls under 18 and Women) and finishing top three in her category on numerous occasions. 
The demands of raising a  family and developing her professional career has meant that Zuzana has had little time for competitive chess in recent years.  However, while on secondment with her firm in Bermuda, she won the Bermuda championship and subsequently represented Bermuda in the Olympiads in Calvia (2004) and Torino (2006), both times as top board in the open section.
In 2018, she again represented Bermuda in the Olympiad in Batumi as top board in the women’s section.
In her spare time, she enjoys baking and she likes travelling, hiking, salsa dancing, cycling and in-line skating.

Maaike Keetman

Netherlands, 2181F

Maaike has won many youth championships in the Netherlands. She also obtained a 3rd place at the Dutch Women’s Championship in 2017 as well as shared 3rd in 2019. Other highlights include a shared 2nd place in the EYCC for girls under 16 in 2015, and participating in the Dutch Olympiad team in 2016. Her highest FIDE rating was 2254.

Besides playing tournaments, Maaike is very active in the chess world in other ways as well. She has worked for publisher New In Chess and is currently working for Chessable. This is an innovative online learning platform for chess that has recently been acquired by Magnus Carlsen’s company. She is also a member of the Dutch foundation “ChessQueens”, promoting women’s chess in the Netherlands.

Maaike is currently studying Economics & Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

Noemi Špiranec

Croatia, 2084F

Noemi was a Croation Junior U17 champion in 2016 and before that she won two bronze medals, once in girls U13 and once in the girls U17 category. In 2018 she was Croatian vice-champion for girls U19. In 2019  she won gold medal at Croatian Junior team chess championship. After that she won fourth place on Croatian Women’s championship. Her biggest success is for sure winning gold medal in this year’s Mitropa Cup for women where she was also the best player on the 4th board.


Her latest success is finishing on second place on an open tournament in Hum na Sutli (CRO) where with 7/9 she left behind a couple of GMs and IMs. This result made her a new Croatian WFM and with the new rating list in October, she should be in TOP 10 of Croatian women players. 


She currently studies mathematics at the University of Rijeka and coaches some younger players. Besides chess, she loves travelling and has visited quite number  of countries.

Robert Krajňák

Slovakia, 2025F

Robert is local player playing in Bratislava’s club ŠK Doprastav. After sudden cancellation of one player he accepted to participate in “B” tournament even though he was invited only 1 hour before tournament started. His participation saved players to have a chance for achieving FIDE title norms.

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